Carrot, Zucchini, and Squash Ribbons


Colorful, peppery, and garlicy, this dish hits all the requirements for a Jones favorite.

This recipe is so easy and delicious that every time I make it, I wonder why we don’t have it more often, like every other day. Usually it’s because I don’t want to haul out and clean my big honking mandolin to slice the vegetables but I’ve discovered that I can use a vegetable peeler to create perfect, delicate ribbons with less clean-up.

Mix up the herbs to make this your own. This recipe is a great side for just about any dish.

Carrot, Zucchini, and Squash Ribbons

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 4 servings

Calories per serving: 78

Fat per serving: 4.0g

Carrot, Zucchini, and Squash Ribbons


  • zucchini - 3 small
  • yellow squash - 2 small
  • carrots - 3 medium
  • olive oil - 1 tbs
  • garlic - 2 cloves
  • flat leaf parsley - 1/4 c
  • lemon - juice of 1/2
  • black pepper - 1/2 tsp or to taste
  • salt - to taste


Using a mandolin or vegetable peeler, shave paper-thin slices of carrot, zucchini, and yellow squash. I personally like to avoid the seeds and so shave slices off the outside of the squashes and reserve the cores for another use.

Heat oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Add garlic and saute 30 seconds, until fragrant but not browned. Add carrots and saute another minute. Add zucchini and squash and saute, stirring frequently, until tender crisp, about 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and stir in parsley, lemon juice, black pepper and salt. Serve warm.

Nutritional Information

Calories: 78 ; Fat: 4.0 g; Saturated Fat: 0.6 g; Trans Fat: 0.0 g; Sodium: 88 mg; Total Carbohydrate: 10.3 g; Dietary Fiber: 3.1 g; Sugars: 4.9 g; Protein: 2.5 g; Points: 1 ; Points Plus: 2 ;

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